nce upon a time, in a magical land called San Francisco, a clever, but somewhat bored princess had a fantastic idea. It was almost as if a fairy godperson had whispered the wonderful suggestion into the princess’ ear as she slept. For quite suddenly one day, the princess made up her mind to pay a royal visit to each and every Bar in the kingdom.

Well, every Bar in the yellow pages, anyway. And ok, I’m not actually a princess, but I should be. And I really am going to go to every Bar in the San Francisco yellow pages, in alphabetical order. Then, since the letter “B” is followed by “C”, I’m going to cruise the all the cocktail lounges. Doesn’t that sound like fun? More importantly, wouldn’t you like to join me?

My plan is to go and have a drink at every Bar in the December 2006 San Francisco Yellow Pages (The Book). Yes, in the order in which they appear. There’s a list of them on the “Setting” page. There is also a post for each Bar: click on “BARS BY THE BOOK” to see the alphabetical master list with addresses (click on them for maps) and phone numbers for each Bar. As I visit them, I’ll change their category from “Once and Future Bars” to “Remembrance of Bars Past”, and add a brief (or long-winded, as the case may be) recap of the experience. “The Cast of Characters” page explains how to officially join me for as much of my quest as strikes your fancy.

If you are confused or puzzled by any of this, check out “The FAQs” page. Finally, there are “The Rules” which will keep the operation running smoothly from A to Z — or Y, since there is no Bar that starts with the letter “Z” in The Book.   (That page may look daunting, but it’s more amusing than draconian, I promise!)

I’ll be posting the time and date when I plan to be at the next Bar in the Book here on this silly blog. I recommend you subscribe to the Bars By The Book RSS feed via that sort of obnoxious orange button at the top of the sidebar on the left, because while I am sending the link to this blog to the usual suspects in an e-mail, that’s the only mass inbox input I plan to do. With the RSS feed, you can be sure that you aren’t missing a moment of the mayhem. (Did I lose you at RSS? That sometimes happens. So I made a page for that, too.)