Q: What is better than a Candy Cane Martini? Wednesday, Dec 16 2009 


The Kingston Trio

Performance Date: 12/15/2009, 8:00 pm

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
Tuesday, Decemeber 15, 2009 8:00 PM

Tickets start at $50.00
$125.00 tickets include VIP reception with the band starting at 6:30pm.

Back To Where It All Began,
The Kingston Trio Bay Area Christmas Tour 2009

The Kingston Trio has been bringing the rich tradition of American folk music to audiences since they first started performing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1957.

In connection with the release of their new Christmas Album, “Glad Tidings,” (their follow-up album – almost 50 years later – to the great “Last Month of the Year” recorded in 1960), The Kingston Trio returns to the Bay Area with a series of Christmas concerts, including a night at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.

The Trio will perform all their familiar hits along with new folk stylings of traditional Christmas music.

It will be a rollicking evening of heart-warming music and mirth to enrich your holiday season, as the Kingston Trio brings you glad tidings of comfort and joy

You may visit The Kingston Trio’s website at kingstontrio.com

(Of course, The Hostess did not need any overpriced VIP ticket to mingle with the band, as the bass player — the factual fourth member of the “trio”  — became instantly enamoured of meand even if the fellows did not play their actual greatest seasonal song — next time, boys! — it has to be said: they kicked Willie Nelson’s ass!)

I know it’s freezing outside… Friday, Dec 11 2009 

…but I have a brand new, fabulously fashionable ruffled taffeta jacket that is so awesome I won’t want to take it off, so I’m braving the elements and going out on the town on Friday 11 December. I’m not promising that I’ll make it to THE NEXT BAR! at the end of the evening, because most of the cavorting will be in and around the Union Square/Tenderloin area. An art gallery with an impending demise, an upscale downtown whiskey joint, dive bar pool, and some starlight are all planned before a late-night bite in an alleyway swank spot. So, winding up at Gravity will surely be a rude anti-climax. Still and all, my coat should really be seen by as many folks as possible, so I’m not ruing anything out.

You bet your ass there was a Holiday Lark V, 2009 Friday, Dec 11 2009 

Holiday Lark, V is all se went almost according to plan: the festivities commenced at the Willie Nelson show in Las Vegas on Saturday 5 December. I‘ll be wearing one of my latest $300 designer dresses wore something else — with cowboy boots (why did I think it would be anything but freezing in the desert in December?). The plan is was to party ’til dawn, and then drive out to that wacky glass bridge and watch the sun come up. But, it was more of a leisurely drive out there in time for an unforgettable sunset. Been there, or…, got the shot glass, be jealous.

Going forward with this month of merriment, you better not pout, cry, shout, or blink because The Hostess is roaring has roared back into town with some changes for Bars By The Book Land. (There’s actually already been at least one alteration on this ridiculous blog…are you astute enough to ascertain it?) And no, she is not going to be filling you in on her whereabouts these long, mysteriously silent months. Either you took the time and made the effort to find out what I was up to and you are privy to the juicy details or…you didn’t. Do the math.

Consider this an open invitation to the Holiday Lark, V arrange your schedule according to mine sooner or later. See you in Vegas around, then. Or not.