Good grief.

Anyway, I had some grand plans for the Bars By The Book 2nd Anniversary, but I have decided to spare everyone the trek out to Geneva Pub for the time being.  That’s how much I adore you & you’re welcome.

The truth is, I want to have a good time on this momentous occasion, and I don’t think that’s exactly the place to do it.  Also, it would just take too long to get all the way out there and then back to someplace actually fun.  So, let’s save that exciting excursion for another night, and meet at Cantina after work, instead, shall we?

Wednesday 18 February 2009 — 580 Sutter St.

No, it’s not a Bar in The Book — and it used to be called something else entirely when I first stumbled upon it — but it’s a pretty neat little spot, and it will be a nice addition to the woefully-neglected Various Marginalia page. I’ll try and get there early and snag the couch.  There won’t be a fabulous photo album of this year’s Bars, and I seriously doubt Nora Charles will be surprising us with a cake, but The Hostess will be there, which should really be enough incentive for you to come.  (Did I mention that there is a couch?)  Also, they probably won’t be shushing us for a comedy show, which will be a nice change from last year (although I’ll miss the free pizza).

The first Barfly there gets a free drink.  So does anyone with those recently-extended-for-one-more-year free drink coupons.  As does anyone thoughtful enough to bring The Hostess a present.  (Pizza will not qualify as a present, but might get you a free drink, as there is no food at Cantina, which can sometimes be a problem.)

Since while I was flipping my hair around at Fuse last week I never did get around to telling the tale of  how I uncharacteristically attended to the battered and bleeding boy who bravely approached me in the driveway of the Mystery Mansion not long ago, there’s a chance of a spontaneous story-time.  And it isn’t supposed to be raining, either, which means a hypothetical motorcycle ride could become a reality (my helmet will be a mere block away).  Honestly, what more could anyone ask for?  (On a school night, I mean.)

Get there early, because The Hostess is not staying late.  I have to rest up for this weekend.  I have to sign some autographs on Saturday, when I will also be (it is to be hoped) debuting a new dress.   If you come to Cantina, I will tell you where I’ll be that day…