As I was checking the stats for this ridiculous blog, I came across this comment, from “not js mc cain” in my spam comment folder:

Did we cover great taste in clothing?

As it happens, “not js mc cain” — and as The Hostess has had to point out too many times — comments from fake e-mail addresses, such as your less-than-creative “”, get sent to a spam folder that wordpress hardly ever prompts me to check.  Therefore, if Joe the Would-Be Commenter insists on not using his real e-mail address, he should at least go to the trouble of using one that actually exists, if for no other reason than to make sure the comment appears for everyone else to enjoy, instead of languishing in my ever-unchecked spam queue.   In fact, while you’re at it, Joe, why not create a whole annonymous free e-mail account for you to use in all your lurking e-activities?  As a bonus, you can use it on forms that require a valid e-mail. Voila! Instant pseudo-identity!  (You’re welcome.)

Now, as “not js mc cain” was kind enough to remind me, this brings me to…

18. We both have some very nice clothing financed by republicans. (You’ve heard the not-so-scandalous-after-all details about Sarah’s campaign threads by now, of course, but you haven’t seen my gorgeous new designer dress , which — it should be said, since it’s true — looks even better on me than on the girl in the picture.    In this wardrobe allowance line item, I’m actually doing better than the Governor of Alaska, for a change.  Not only did I get a republican to finance this frock, I also got to choose it myself, and I don’t have to pretend I’m going to donate it to charity.  We like to look at it this way: it’s our way of helping republicans redistribute wealth, while simultaneously stimulating the economy…and simultaneous stimulation is inarguably a good, patriotic, red-white-and-Diane-von-Furstenberg thing.)

Now, I promised you Cocktail Caucus 2008 updates, and here is the latest: it’s not just neck-and-neck, folks.  “JsMcCain” may be pulling off an upset the likes of which we may very well need a mock Supreme Court to decide.  Electoral College votage aside (since The Hostess could never do that kind of math), he is on the verge of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat which was certain mere hours ago.

Turn-out has been historic, a la the real election.  I only regret that the ballots are secret and so I cannot share with you all the amusing comments the silly survey has garnered.   And of course, if this straw poll continues to mirror the real election as it has — to an uncanny degree thus far — The Hostess will either be burned as a witch on Wednesday, or begin discussing pre-conditons to the cocktail(s) “JSMcLucky” will be buying her (I think he should take me someplace swanky, where I can wear my gorgeous new designer dress…, “what say you”, electorate?)

You can vote as often and as long as you like until I arbitrarily close the polls sometime on or about on November 4. Forget official poll closing times. You can vote as long as the anchors and pundits are saying the real John McCain has a chance…