16.  We both have low regard for those who are supposed “to protect and to serve”. (She’s got some psycho ex-brother-in-law state trooper who has tasered her nephew and threatened to kill her dad.  I’ve got — well, let’s just say I am firmly of the opinion that police officers are all misogynistic homicidal maniacs who are way too mentally unbalanced to be carrying weapons.  At least, in my personal experience, I have found this to be the case.   The derogatory slang “pigs” is far to unkind…to actual swine.)

OK, now on to the real point of this post.  I know that many of you have been avidly following the commentary exchange between The Hostess and one “JSMcCain”.  He did, in fact, live up to his word to continue our discussion in a more private forum, where, in a series of entertaining e-mails, he has been suggesting that I meet him for a post-election cocktail caucus.

Being the democratic demagogue that I am, and in recognition of “JSMcCain”‘s own nod to his Public Servitude, I have decided to put the question of whether to accept his invitation for libations to you, the people.

Click Here to Vote Now!

(caveat voter: I think SurveyMonkey won’t let you vote more than once,

so make sure you mean your first vote!)

Think of it as a warm-up to the real election.  Only without 20+ months of mind-numbing campaigning, pathetic efforts to discredit each other, or any false promises made to you, the voter.  That’s right, you will get nothing by participating in this micro-election — no health care, no tax cuts, no energy independence.  Casting your vote on this issue won’t solve the economic crisis, win the war on terrorism, or go anywhere near the issue of immigration with a ten-foot swizzle stick.

In fact, casting your vote for whether or not The Hostess should agree to have a drink with “JS” is so much like the real election, that failing to choose one way or the other would be downright un-patriotic.  I’m not even ruling out treason, here, folks.  And you know, all it takes is one letter to be able to rearrange the word “treason” to spell “terrorist” (well, ok, so you have to bust up the “n” into two more “r”s, and twist the “a” into another “t”, but you I’m sure you see where I’m going with this).

Do yourself a favor and vote, if for no other reason than to keep yourself off the “No-Fly List”.   It’s one little itty-bitty question, it’s anonymous, and will take less of your time than reading this post already has:

Click Here to Vote Now!

And rest assured, you are not disenfranchised in this election. I may not have CNN’s magic techno-map of the country, but I will keep you apprised of the returns.  (The polls close at midnight PST,  November 3 {I need something to do while watching the real election returns} 2008, so don’t dally.)  I’m not so sure about the real world, but on this ridiculous blog, your vote will be counted and the majority will rule!

(Do take note that I am not invoking any particular deity to confer blessings upon our country as a conclusion to my remarks, and please know that is on purpose.)

If you are still unmotivated to vote (i.e. if you are either lobotomized, a zombie, or a lobotomized zombie), then please watch my dear friend Hooman’s voter-motivation video short on YouTube:
He is very proud of it and it is getting a lot of what I guess is best-described as “YouTube cred”.   Please go ahead and give him another click — and a “Bars-By-The-Book-Bump” — in the spirit of…ROCKING THE VOTE IN 2008, &c.