13.  We both are being bedeviled by a charlatan calling himself McCain. (Please refer to the lively exchange between one so-called “JS McCain” and The Hostess in the responses to my previous post on the 12th — (in a series) Thing I Have in Common With Sarah Palin . Really, do. Or else you won’t “get it”, real McCain-style.)

So, “JS McCain”, I tried in good faith to send you the following reply to your initial attempts to spam me here with your rhetorical endeavours:

Do be sure to check the ridiculous blog for my riposte to your parry. Wouldn’t want you to miss it in all your “anonymous” swift-boating activities…

Of course, you didn’t do me the “honor” of providing me with a valid e-mail address, did you?   Even so, I wanted to be certain that you appreciated the appropriateness of the metaphor I used in my personal invitation for you to view my response to your own Allegation, Observation, and Query, (which I see you did subsequently read on your own, when you got home from your costumed camping caper).

I must point out, “Johnboy”, that this ridiculous blog — for all its nods to patriotism and democracy — is not a dialogue.  Comments are permitted to remain insofar as they are entertaining, interesting, and/or complimentary (and not necessarily in that order, but this should also explain the disappearance of your other comment, which met none of the required criteria).  If it is a debate in which you wish to engage, then you need to contact me directly and at least create an alter-ego with whom The Hostess can have a dialogue.

Alternatively, should you be too busy to spar  — being otherwise so viligantly pre-occupied with your alleged “fealty to Truth and Factual Accuracy” as it seems you believe yourself to be, this would be perfectly understandable — I would be happy to simply send you a list of things you could do besides bedevil me.

In fact, just off the top of my head, I can think of at least three things you could otherwise do, all of which are tailored specifically to your personal proclivities (your enervated effort at obfuscation nothwithstanding, even).   However, if you insist on simply being churlish, please let’s not bore everyone else with it.   Besides, as I have had to say (truly far too often), “If somebody wants to watch me fence with someone else, such a splendid sight shall not be seen for free”.

14. We both have a history of not winning silly contests. (She lost that beauty pageant. I {inexplicably, to this day} lost that Sarah Palin look-alike contest. I suppose I should be somewhat grateful to “JS McCain” — and his cronies with zero judgement — who perpetrated that sham, otherwise I might be stuck on only having an unlucky number of 13 Things In Common With Sarah Palin, and that girl needs all the luck she can get in this next silly contest. Far be it from me to jinx my new role model. So, “JS”, if you’re not too busy defending verisimilitude — and the honor of “slim brunette[s]” everywhere — do let me know if the detente you seek has any pre-conditions.)