2328 Irving ~ (415) 664-2555

5:00pm Tuesday 1 April 2008

Prologue: What better day to resume this fools’ errand?  And Nora Charles’ fondness for the place means it must be a quality establishment.  I’m going there straight after work, nabbing the fireside seating, and even having some dinner (since the food is allegedly good, and apparently vodka does not count as a meal in the nutritional sense, go figure).  The repast, however — in the spirit of the day, perhaps — will begin with the dessert that Nora Charles has graciously offered to bake.  This is no April Fools joke, so be sure to save the date!

UPDATE: Despite assurances to the contrary, Nora Charles is not going to be joining The Hostess at the Official Visit to Durty Nelly’s.  Bars By The Book cannot compete with visiting Lotus Position on Kuai, apparently.  Well, whatever.  She has promised to bestow brownies upon me before then so it’ll be almost like having her around, as far as baked goods go.

Afterword:  (rough draft) OK, so there were no brownies.  But the search for the most Irish Bar in San Francisco is definitely over.  And Chica Cherry’s dearth of chaperonage duty continues.  Of course, this is certainly not a bad thing, niether historically nor in the case at Durty Nelly’s.  Details will follow, but for now, Vivan — thanks for dinner (& I can’t wait to meet your mother!); Big John — thanks for escorting me to my car; and Odhran — thanks for inviting me behind the bar and showing me how to properly pull a pint.  The short version to tide you over for the full one is that Durty Nelly’s is as great as it is Irish, and I’m glad it’s (more or less) on my way home from work so that I can stop in again.