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11:30am (yes, AM) Thursday

Prologue: Well, it’s finally happened…the next Official Visit is to be to a totally, completely, 100% “gay bar”. Not that The Hostess has any problem with that (see FAQ # 8 if you have any doubts). Hell, I’ve had great times in “gay bars”. In point of fact, I am usually the last person to realize that I am in one. That’s how unconcerned I am with the sexual preferences of the majority of the patrons anywhere I can get a drink, people. Note that “The Bars That Are Gay” is not even one of the categories I track for you. And so far, I have never been refused service in any drinking establishment predominately catering to the LGBTQI (one does lose track of the current acronym — please feel free to correct me with a politely-worded comment, won’t you?) crowd, so why would I re-arrange my quest now?

And lucky for us, it’s an “event-y” Bar. As in: they have many events. (Not to be confused with their “Upcoming Events“. Ahhh…which to choose…?) More details will follow, but the truly wise among you will be able to tell — just from the day of the week — what The Hostess is planning to do next (providing you recall her royal fondness for brunch)…

Afterword: You missed it! Unless you didn’t, in which case I don’t need to fill you in, because you were there. The rest of you will just have to wait to read about what you didn’t get to experience. (Poor dears…!) For now, let me just say that there are people who will tell you that you can’t take off work in the middle of the day and go have brunch in a gay bar in the Tenderloin, but they are just very sadly mistaken.