29 3rd St. ~ (415) 495-6726

5:30pm Friday 4 January 2008

Prologue:  Miraculously, The Hostess survived staying up for 27 hours straight over the course of saying good riddance to 2007 and enthusiastically ringing in 2008.  My New Year’s resolution is to be more spontaneous.  I even have a motto: “Don’t hesitate in 2008!” (thanks, Chica Cherry).  Come join me at Dave’s after work on Friday and suggest something spontaneous for me to do next.

I also think the New Year could use some new Barflies.  While the current crew has been fantastic company, the competition for the Fabulous Prize at the end of this journey is not as fierce as it could be.  The algorithm to ensure new Barflies have an equal chance is in development — I have enlisted the aid of a new Technical Project Manager to speed this up — so don’t worry if you have missed out on the first year of this quest.  The algorithm will ensure that you can make up for lost time. 

Yes, I know, it will be raining.  Potentially torrentially.  Wear a hat and/or bring an umbrella.  Sport some galoshes.  It’s just rain.  Only on the West Coast does rain make the news.  You will not melt if you get wet (unless you are a green witch).  As an added incentive to lure new Barflies out into the — gasp! — weather, The Hostess will buy any new recruits a Happy New Year drink.  And who knows, she had a pretty inexpensive extravagantly debauched New Year’s Eve, so she might buy long-standing ‘flies a round, too!

UPDATE 10:14am – Well, it seems as though some scaffolding has collapsed right at Third & Market, perhaps closing the environs for a bit.  The Hostess cannot express how tiresome she finds this, but it appears that this “storm” was quite determined to get her attention one way or another.  This situation will be monitored and updates will be provided here, but in the event that Dave’s is inaccessible at 5:30, please refer to Chapter 1, Part 3, Article 4 of The Rules  for details on how to implement Permanent Plan B

UPDATE 1:38pm – I just called and a woman assured me that Dave’s will, in fact, be open tonight.  So come on down and let’s see if she was telling the truth!  Storm-schmorm.