2211 Polk ~ (415) 673-2211

4:30pm Sunday 9 December

Prologue: As the Winter Solstice draws near and the days get shorter, the (civilized) opportunities for daylight drinking are certainly affected. I don’t know how much daylight will be left by 4:30 on the date of this Official Visit, but I’m sure this smallish, seemingly obscure Bar will be a great place to wind down The Hostess’ Third Annual Holiday Lark. At least I hope so. Come and join me for an early round of Candy Cane Martinis, won’t you?  And remember, I’m an orphan, so if you buy me a drink, that qualifies as seasonally-appropriate charity. It might not be deductible, but I will see to it that you feel jolly about your generosity.

Afterword:  We did it!!!  Four Bars in four nights — the best Holiday Lark an orphan could hope for.  More details will follow, but let this be a lesson to you: if you get an invitation to Holiday Lark IV in 2008,  do not do yourself the disservice of missing out on the festivities…