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Prologue: OK, so maybe it’s not Maggie McGarry’s fault that her patrons are disgusting pigs who throw their cigarette butts on the sidewalk and street in front of the establishment. Except that it is. Their (her?) fault, I mean. Because Ms McGarry et al do not provide any sort of receptacle for this toxic waste. And this is just plain wrong. As I write this, I am still in the “B’s”, so Maggie has plenty of time to rectify this situation. In the meantime, I am adding another category, a Category of Shame: “The Bars That Promote Littering”.  And Maggie McGarry’s is going to be the first ignominiously categorized Bar.  Now, I do routinely pass by Maggie McGarry’s, so if and when steps are taken to alleviate this egregious situation, I will let you know.  And let this be fair warning to upcoming Bars: I’m not kidding around here.

And so it began, when I posted the following:

Watch this category! “The Bars That Promote Littering” — the Category of Shame, if you will. Read all about it courtesy of the environmentally-incorrect Maggie McGarry’s (where, as of 3 June 2007, when I created this Category, there was no receptacle for smoking refuse…)

Being nothing if not scrupulous in my documentation of San Francisco drinking conditions, I corrected that information two months later accordingly:

however by 4 August 2007, this sanitation situation had been satisfactorily addressed, ahem.

I was so impressed, I went on rather uncharacteristically effusively enthusiastic elsewhere on this ridiculous blog:

For now, the most immediate news is that Maggie McGarry’s has put an ashtray outside it’s front door!!! Is that awesome, or what?!? Now, I won’t go ahead and actually take credit for bringing this sanitation miracle about, but it has not escaped my notice that the Maggie McGarry’s post here has gotten a lot of traffic. Kudos to Maggie McGarry’s for cleaning up their (her?) act. (And hooray that I can patronize the place again — it’s a cool Bar…)

Alas, the above, and the following, had to be striken:

UPDATE: The most recent cursory cruise-by Maggie McGarry’s on 4 August 2007 was stopped dead in its tracks by the sight of an ashtray right outside the door. I was so thrilled, I took pictures! Is this Bars By The Book’s doing? Who cares? As long as the smokers have someplace to discard their cigarette refuse, it’s all good. Plus, this means I can resume bellying up to Maggie McGarry’s bars, which is even better. The Hostess missed you Maggie, welcome back into my good graces!!!

…and this sad state of affairs was reported instead:

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE:  Incredibly, the ashtray was Missing In Action and otherwise Absent Without Leave on Monday 10 September 2007,  so Maggie’s has been re-categorized as a Bar That Promotes Littering and The Hostess has to recommend that you drink elsewhere until this situation has been satisfactorily resolved on a more permanent basis…

Right about then, things started to get a bit heated, as you can see by the comments below.  Rest assured that the presence or absence of an ashtray outside these premises will be closely monitored from here on and the status of said smoking refuse receptacle will be commented on, as the situation warrants.   Bars By The Book is committed to providing the drinking public with the greatest level of detail on establishments where they are considering spending their cocktail cash and will not be dissuaded by would-be critics. After all, according to the House of Representatives, The Hostess is a journalist and is protected by a magical “media shield”, so I’m not likely to back off of anything anytime soon.